May 26, 2008

Website Now Live!!

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It’s now live – the website – it may be a bit basic but I’m learning so it may change in design over the next week or so.  If you want to take a peek, click here


May 21, 2008

Some Exciting News…

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… Well for me at any rate! I’ve been thinking about it on and off for a while and have now finally taken the plunge. I have purchased my own domain so that I can create my own website as well as maintaining a blog.

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t written anything for a while and may wonder what I ‘ve been doing, well I will admit that I have been busy and not just ignoring my blog. Having said that I will admit to making the most of the sunshine (whilst we had it) and was sitting in the back garden either reading, gardening, playing with the dog or baby or painting the garden furniture!

For the last week of so though I have been sorting out the back bones of my new (and as yet un-published) website so that at least there is something to look at when it goes live. I also wanted to sort out some form of structure and play around with it so I know whether it will work or not in the future… hopefully it will.

At the moment I am just waiting on confirmation from my hosting service that everything is ready to go, and once that happened I will be able to publish the site…. the address is but I guess that was going to be kind of obvious.  As I said above, there isn’t anything there yet, but I’ll post again to say when it is live

February 29, 2008

Food Ideas

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Since giving birth to Izzy earlier this month money saving has all but gone out of the window – however for March I plan to get back onto the wagon and hence am planning my menus today for the next month.  Inevitably this will alter towards the end of the month, but it gives me an idea of how much I should be spending during the month and definitely allows me to get shopping for the next month. 

Another of my aims is to eat “5-a-day” of fruit and vegetables and therefore I need to factor this in to the plan whilst still trying to keep within my budget.  Because months vary between 4- and 5-week months I budget to spend £80 in week 1 and then £40 for each following week, making my budget either £240 or £280 a month.  [I plan for a big week 1 to buy all the pantry and freezer items and then just top up with bread, milk, veg etc in the subsequent weeks].  Ideally I’d like to get this down to £200 a month including all food, drink (including alcohol), cleaning products (vinegar, bicarb, etc) and toiletries, but I need to start growing my own veg and making my own wine and beer first.

I also want to try and reduce my food air-miles and buy in season veg – this will also help me to come up with recipes to make when I have my own veg to use, so I use up everything that I have instead of letting it go to waste.  I have found this great website I’m in Season which I’m currently using to work out what veg I should buy this week, and also looking at the Tesco website to see what offers they have on to save money before I finalise my menu for this coming week.

I’ve also found another site Think Vegetables that gives help on the seasonality of vegetables – so between the two I’m sure I’ll be able to post my menu plans shortly