February 26, 2008

Re-usable Nappies

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I finally pulled my finger out yesterday and ordered some washable nappies, I have been browsing Internet sites, discussion forums, eBay, etc to try and decide which were the best ones, etc, etc and eventually picked a full birth-to-potty set from Little Lamb.  OK it cost £220 but that’s it now, apparently I wont need to buy any more nappies – I just need to ensure that I keep on top of the washing so there are always some clean and dry ones ready for use.

I need to wash them before the first use, so they are currently in the machine; in fact I think the machine has finished so I need to hang them out on the line to dry – luckily it’s a perfect day for washing since it’s a bit windy and the sun keeps coming out; I’ve already got my bedding out on the line and that’s dry already so fortunately that can go back on the beds today without being ironed!

Back to the nappies, I opted for the cotton nappies instead of the bamboo ones; I liked the idea of the bamboo ones since they are from a sustainable source, and they are more absorbent than the cotton ones – however due to the fact that they are more absorbent, that also means it takes longer to dry and since I don’t have a tumble drier (and I’m not sure whether I want one) I decided to go for the standard cotton ones which are quicker to dry.  I have to say, they are really sort and I can’t wait for them to dry so I can start using them as Izzy will be even more cuddly then usual in them!!