March 21, 2008

Knitting Pattern: Fitted Tank Top

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Knitting: Fitted Tank Top Pattern

Tank Top 2 

Tank Top 1


Using 3.25mm needles – 24 st to10 cm.  I didn’t check the number of rows since this didn’t matter as I was measuring length as I went along.



Using 2.75mm needles cast on 97 st.

Row 1:  K1 P1 to last st, K1

Row 2: P1 K1 to last st, P1

Continue in K1 P1 rib from rows 1 – 27

Row 28: K1 P1 K1 K2tog, then P1 K1 to last 5 st, K2tog K1 P1 K1

Rows 29 – 49: Continue in K1 P1 rib but K2/P2 to keep in line with the pattern at each end

Row 50: K1 P1 K2tog, K1 P1 to last 4 st, K2tog P1 K1

Rows 51 – 66: Continue in K1 P1 rib

Row 67: Change to 3.25mm needles and continue in stocking stitch starting with a knit row.

When the length is correct shape armholes as follows (this was row 127 for me when back measured 38cm from the cast-on edge)

Rows 128 – 129: Cast off 5 st at beginning of each row

Rows 130 – 134: Dec 1 st at each end of these 5 rows

Row 135: Normal row

Row 136: Dec 1 st at each end

Then continue straight in stocking stitch until the armhole measures 18cm (this was row 196 for me)

Then shape shoulders, cast off 8 st at the beginning of the next 4 rows.  Leave remaining stitches on a holder to be used when completing the neck.


Complete front as for back up to the point where you want the V-neck to start – this was row 90 for me.

Row 91: K45 K2tog then turn leaving the remaining stitches on a holder

Row 92: Purl

Row 93: Knit to last 5 st, K2tog tbl (through back loop) K3

Continue in stocking stitch dec 1 st at neck edge on every   4th row 11 times more (rows 97 / 101 / 105 / 109 / 113 / 117 / 121 / 15 / 129 / 133 / 137) whilst at the same time shaping the armhole as for the back but only decreasing at the neck edge. (About 18 st left)

Continue straight until armhole measures 18cm (196 rows).

Row 197: Shape shoulders by casting off 8 st

Row 198: Purl

Row 199: Cast off remaining stitches

Complete the other side of the front as above reversing the pattern as appropriate to decrease for the V-neck and armhole

Making Up

Sew the shoulder seams and the side seams together before completing the banding for the armholes and neck.


Pick up 103 stitches evenly over the armhole (to do this instead of picking up every stitch, I picked up 2 stitches then missed 1).

Using a 2.75mm circular needle complete 14 rows in K1 P1 rib.  I didn’t knit this in the round, instead I sewed the seam up hence using an odd number of stitches.

Repeat for the other arm.


Pick up 189 stitches evenly over the neck (again I picked up 2 stitches, then missed 1).

 Using a 2.75mm circular needle complete 14 rows in K1 P1 rib.  Again I didn’t knit this in the round, instead I sewed up the seam by overlapping.


Tank Top

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Well I finally finished my tank top, I’m going to post the pattern shortly but obviously I only noted down the instructions so I know what I did (and so I could complete the front to the same instructions) and to my tension – so this is only really specifically for me. I’ll get around to posting a picture later