March 11, 2008

Simple Pleasures

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After reading How to make a volanco on  A more Green and Simple Life’s blog I promised my DS that if he had a good week at school then we would make a volcano at the weekend.  [To cut a very long story short, he has been having a few problems at school and we’ve found that we can help to ensure that he has good days if he has something to look forward to at the weekend].  We ran out of time at the weekend but I promised that we would do it as soon as he got home last night.

I didn’t take any pictures like Donna but we did have fun, only the volcano started to erupt before I expected it to so we were caught unawares…. This was great for me since I have been struggling to come up with ideas for a weekend treat for us to do together without actually spending money / much money.  Fortunately there are lots of resources on the Internet which give similar ideas for experiments so I shall be visiting them for more ideas of experiments that we can conduct.