February 21, 2008

Another Sale

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Another sale on Amazon last night, this time for Faceless by Martina Cole. I’m still quite impressed that I have received a number of sales in such a short space of time.  Also good to know that I don’t have to feel quite so guilty in future when I buy books, because at least I know I should be able to get some money back from them!


February 15, 2008

Amazon Sale

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Well, last week I added around 30 books to Amazon to sell.  Most of them are being sold at anything from a few pence to a few pounds – however I was very surprised to find out that a few of the books that I had chosen to list were being sold at £10 – £30 each!!  I couldn’t wait to tell my OH when he got bacck home from work, anyway I also pointed out that although I may have a few books that I was selling at £20 or so, they were only worth that much if someone actually wanted to buy them, and I might have to wait for a while for anyone to want them…

Anyway, imagine my surprise when I checked my emails and on Tuesday earlier this week I had an email from Amazon with someone having a question about one of the books I was selling (selling at £20).  I spoke to the guy on the phone (he just wanted to double check that I did actually have the book and it’s condition – perfect condition) and he said that he would place the order.  I checked on Wednesday and he placed the order, Thursday I posted the book and Friday (today) I got my funds from Amazon – about £18…….. I’m so impressed, £18 for practically nothing