March 28, 2008

Izzy – 6 weeks

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Izzy is now 6 weeks old and had her 6 week check yesterday.  She is spending much more time awake and if focusing really well on things, she even follows objects when they move.  She smiles much more often and gurgles loads.  Wednesday night she slept all the way through (from 10pm to 5 am) which was great for me – and she did the same again last night, so hopefully this will continue.  She beat her brother, he first slept through the night at 10 weeks!

She is now 8 lbs and is 55cm long – when I compare this to the charts that they have she is below average for her weight but spot on for her length.  I’m not worried about her weight at all since her brother was similar and both my DS and myself have slim builds.

She is also much better at holding her head up without support – and of course so is still just a cute as last week…


March 19, 2008

Izzy – 5 Weeks

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Izzy was 5 weeks old on Saturday, I want to record how she is now so that I can look back in the future and see how she has progressed:

Izzy - 5 weeks

She now spends much more time awake and is so much more alert.  If we aren’t too far away she will focus on us and a longer distance then previously (previously she just focused on us at about a distance of arms length), she will coo when we talk to her and try to make other noises.  She has the most beautiful smile, and smiles much more often than last week when she really started to smile properly – often just when we talk to her.

Last Friday (just before 5 weeks). although she woke up in the night (around 2 am) she didn’t need feeding; normally when she wakes in the night I cuddle her for a bit whilst I summon up the energy to get out of bed and usually only get out of bed after 10 minutes when she is just about to start screaming!  However on Friday she went back to sleep… fantastic I thought, and hoped that this was the start of her beginning to sleep through…. well the good news is that since Friday she hasn’t needed feeding in the night, although she has still been waking in the night for a cuddle.  I don’t mind this, Ash was 10 weeks old before he started sleeping through the night and after-all she is only 5 weeks so just the fact that she doesn’t want to be feed is a great start – it means I don’t wake up fully and get a better nights sleep.