February 20, 2008

Positive Focus No. 8

Posted in Positive Focus, Projects tagged , at 4:16 pm by vicii

First one of these in a while… No. 8 is to define a very large project list.  Now I don’t want it to be “large” just for the sake of it, but I mean large as in detailed.  My aim is to list the main projects and then break them down into much more manageable smaller chunks so that it is easier to get to the bottom of the list – simple example would be knitting a jumper; this would be broken down into getting the wool, the needles, knitting the front, the back and two sleeves, then sewing the garment up – this allows my to cross of each small task when accomplished and gets me in the mindset that I am progressing towards the end of the task, since I am crossing off tasks more frequently.  “Knit a jumper” would take far longer to accomplish on it’s own……

Timings are a bit hit and miss at the moment, so I plan to have achieved this by Monday so that I can then spend some time next week on planning when to complete the tasks!!