March 25, 2008

Potting Up

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I went out to the garden centre yesterday to buy some compost and treated myself to a few other things….

Whilst I was there I also bought some herbs, strawberry plants, a blueberry and gooseberry bush and some onion, garlic and potato sets – All items that I needed anyway so it wasn’t that much of a treat (well maybe the two fruit bushes were!)

I also managed to sow some seeds; namely marigolds, tomatoes, leeks, lettuce, aubergines, basil and courgettes.  I have been saving the empty toilet rolls to sow my peas in, but completely forgot to bring them down so I haven’t sown any peas yet (I didn’t think trampling mud through the house would be a good idea) so maybe I’ll get chance to sow today, but it’s more likely to be tomorrow as I have a massive pile of ironing that really needs to be tackled.

I also put the onions and garlic into some compost in some seed trays to get them started – I know I need to put them in the ground, but I need to dig the plot first, so thought at least if I get them started whilst I dig the plot (either tomorrow or Friday) it would help progress them on a bit.  I know this works as I did it a few years ago while I prepared the beds before planting.  Also if they do set some roots this helps to secure them before planting out so that the birds cannot pull them out quite so easily.


March 17, 2008

Greenhouse – Part II

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I spoke to my dad about the greenhouse, and bless his cotton socks, he’s told me that he will buy it for me… this is great news for me since he’s buying me the £60 one – in fact he ordered it earlier today when I was around their and it should be delivered on Wednesday.  I had a subconcious budget of £100 to spend for all the stuff for my veg garden, and with him buying the greenhouse, this will reduce my budget considerably… thank you dad

Therefore, I plan to dig a plot for it tomorrow (all being well) since where I intend to put it currently has a flowerbed with shrubs, so I will need to re-locate those

March 16, 2008


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I am planning to buy one of these plastic greenhouses in order to propogate my plants this year, I was just looking at one of the simple affairs with about 4 staging shelves – however after checking out both the Woolies and Wilko websites I am now confused as to what to buy.  For a few extra pounds you can get more space (which will be ideal seeing as I’m planning to grow lots) but in Wilko there are about 4 different types to choose from; I can have a lean-to, a hexagonal one, a normal one, or the original mini one that I was planning on getting…

I have to go to the dentist on Monday so I think that I will pop into Wilko’s and actually have a look at them in store since there often have them on display.  Hopefully this will make my choice easier… Having said that I’ve just had another look and they also sell a greenhouse complete with staging (I would have to buy it in addition to the greenhouse otherwise) for £60 so I think this would be the best option as it will make best use of the space in the greenhouse.  Only £60 is much more than I was planning to spend however I have to keep reminding myself that I have to spend money on this in order to save money – if I don’t spend now to grow my own then I will be spending every week in the supermarket and the quality of the food will be inferior to what I can grow fresh!

Normally I can be quite impulsive, but I think I might check with my dad and see what he thinks.  However it would be nice if I could buy it tomorrow, since I have some seed trays being delivered next week (which I bought on eBay really cheaply).  Then I would just need to buy some potting compost and I can at last start to grow some food…. after all, I’ve been planning to do this for ages and really need to get started