April 3, 2008

Browsing and Finding Inspiration

Posted in Craft, General tagged , , at 12:47 pm by vicii

I have been having a lazy day, not doing anything in particular but just browsing the Internet on the lookout for items to knit (I have found lots of ideas for lacy shawls) and just reading other people’s blogs looking for inspiration.  Inevitably that means I also visited eBay and managed to buy not just one lot but two lots of wool! One is some variegated green DK wool and the other is some misty grey DK wool – both of which I plan to make some shawls with.  I might not have enough of the green (depends on the shawl I make) so I might just made a lap rug for chilly evenings or maybe another tank top and some socks

I checked out Homespun Living as I always do once in a while since there are some beautiful pictures and noticed a post regarding making her own planner (http://homespunliving.blogspot.com/2008/01/my-christmas-vacation-1.html).  I know that we are in April now and I usually use an electronic PDA but since being on maternity leave I don’t charge this regularly – I have a docking station set up at my desk at work for it but now I’m at home and I use my laptop more than the computer and the laptop funnily enough is usually perched on my lap whilst I’m using it, it is too much hassle to set up the docking station to charge the PDA.  Inevitably this means that I am trying to keep lots of information for appointments in my head (for example I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and have no idea what time apart from the fact that it is in the afternoon) so ideally I need to write this information down somewhere.

Having said that I need to buy a new cartridge for my printer so I guess I’ll do that first and then start printing some planner pages out and searching through my card making stash for some pretty paper for a cover.