March 10, 2008

A Whole Weeks Work

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Good heavens, a whole week has passed and I’ve not written a thing – however I have been busy…

Baby Izzy

Izzy has taken up a lot of my time, it seems that we had settled into a routine and now she has decided that she doesn’t like it and so it went all to pot.  Fortunately now, she seems to have developed another routine over the last few days and thankfully this appears to be much better as she no longer needs to be rocked off to sleep and is much happier to fall asleep on her own which allows me to get on with stuff without holding her in one hand and [delete as appropriate] the duster / washing/ hoover / etc in the other!


For an update, the nappies are proving to be brilliant.  It works out that I need to do a wash every other day – if the weather has been good and I can hang them out on the line to dry, then they have dried by the end of the day, if the weather is bad (especially like yesterday) and I have to dry them on the airer inside, then they are just slightly damp still by the end of the day BUT I have 20 which works out to be enough to last me until when they are dry (which could be up to 48 hours if drying inside).  Whatever the weather I have always had clean and dry nappies for Izzy which is the main thing!  I would definitely recommend them, especially since I would have a white wash pretty much every other day anyway with the amount of washing I now need to do with bibs, and sheets, etc


Since moving just before Christmas, the house has never really been sorted out.  I need another wardrobe since I left one at the old house when we moved, and I have lots of books and things but no shelves to put them on.  All in all the house really needs to be de-cluttered.

I started with the dining room – its not perfect yet by any stretch of the imagination however I have now sorted out the Tupperware and found space in the kitchen now (whereas previously the dining room was an overspill for where I couldn’t work out where to put things) along with my other dishes (for pies and lasagne’s, etc).  I just need to move the sideboard a little to make more use of the space, but I need two people for that job and since I also need to clean out the sideboard, I’ll leave moving it until I’m also ready to clear it out since I can do both at once then.

DS’s Room

My DS has had all his books and comics and other stuff on the floor in his room, both making his room difficult ot access and also blocking his chest of drawers so we were piling his clothes on top instead of in the drawers.  Now, we have got some shelves up in his room so he has been able to put all the stuff that was on the floor, up on the shelves – his room is looking much better now, and now all I need to do it go through his drawers to check for clothes that are two small and can either be donated to charity or sold on eBay

Our Room

Our room has also been a bit of a nightmare, we’ve had a whole wall with piles of books, DVDs, videos and Cd’s, along with clothes piled everywhere as we haven’t got the space to put them away.  Together with the moses basket in the bedroom it’s been very cluttered.  Fortunately my folks have decided to "do up" one of their bedrooms and asked me if I wanted the old wardrobe from it as they are getting a new one – obviously I said "yes".  They went out and ordered the wardrobe expecting delivery to be a couple of weeks however it’s due to be delivered today so my dad dismantled the old wardrobe and brought it round over the weekend.  Therefore I’ve spent the weekend re-organising the bedroom and the piles of books, etc and also putting stuff up in the loft which I’ve been putting off.  The bedroom still looks quite cluttered with the piles but the piles are smaller now that I have sold several books and I have moved the DVDs downstairs into the lounge – fortunately there are some shelves in the lounge which are just the right depth for them!


February 29, 2008

Cloth Nappies

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This is day two of using cotton nappies for Izzy. The first one leaked but this was my fault because I left it on for too long before changing it, but this has made sure that I change them regularly and ensure that they are fitted securely.  I don’t know whether this means that Izzy likes them or not but after having no dirty nappies for almost the first week of her life, yesterday she decided to have three in a row – yes all in cotton washable nappies instead of disposables…. lovely!  I preferred it when she just had one a day, still she appears to be going through a bit of a growth spurt at the moment and is being fed every three hours (it was four) and feeding takes approx 40 minutes… heaven knows how I manage to get anything done with a two hour window between feeds!

But I digress, I feel that I am now getting used to the cotton nappies especially now that I am in a routine of feeding then changing.  The one task I need to keep on top of is with my washing.  Apparently in the notes that came with the nappies, with the 20 that I have, this should allow me to do a wash every other day without running out…. Anyway I am happy with the way they fit and keep little one dry (no nappy rash yet!)and would thoroughly recommend them

February 26, 2008

Re-usable Nappies

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I finally pulled my finger out yesterday and ordered some washable nappies, I have been browsing Internet sites, discussion forums, eBay, etc to try and decide which were the best ones, etc, etc and eventually picked a full birth-to-potty set from Little Lamb.  OK it cost £220 but that’s it now, apparently I wont need to buy any more nappies – I just need to ensure that I keep on top of the washing so there are always some clean and dry ones ready for use.

I need to wash them before the first use, so they are currently in the machine; in fact I think the machine has finished so I need to hang them out on the line to dry – luckily it’s a perfect day for washing since it’s a bit windy and the sun keeps coming out; I’ve already got my bedding out on the line and that’s dry already so fortunately that can go back on the beds today without being ironed!

Back to the nappies, I opted for the cotton nappies instead of the bamboo ones; I liked the idea of the bamboo ones since they are from a sustainable source, and they are more absorbent than the cotton ones – however due to the fact that they are more absorbent, that also means it takes longer to dry and since I don’t have a tumble drier (and I’m not sure whether I want one) I decided to go for the standard cotton ones which are quicker to dry.  I have to say, they are really sort and I can’t wait for them to dry so I can start using them as Izzy will be even more cuddly then usual in them!!