April 7, 2008

Declutter Week

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Well after my quick post yesterday to let you all know about our new family member (he’s sooo cute!) I really need to puppy proof the house.  After moving at Christmas and having a new baby the house is reasonably clean and tidy – a quick 15 min sweep makes it presentably for visitors – but there are the “hidden” pockets of junk that still need sorting out, especially under the beds…

I know that there is lots of stuff that I just need to get rid of in some way either by eBaying or freecycling, I just need to bite the bullet and do something.  For example I packed up all my shoes before I moved into three binbags and gave them to my mum to look after (this was in December), it’s now April and out of these three big bags I have only set free two pairs of boots – one of which really needs to be thrown away since the heels are irrecoverable.  I know we haven’t hit summer yet so I have no need for sandals but I have about 50 pairs of shoes and in the last four months I have worn 2 pairs of shoes (for work black and brown), 3 pairs of boots (black, brown and beige), 1 pair of trainers and 1 pair of wellys (which I bought off eBay a month ago – oh and one pair of walking boots: thats 8 pairs in total that I actually use, ok if you bring summer into the equation add 2 more pairs of shoes (beige and green – trust me they are beautiful and I could not possibly part with them), 3 pairs of flip-flops (black, white and brown – great as they don’t takeup much space), 3 pairs of sandals (2 beige – high and low heel, black evening) and 1 pair of running shoes – my trainers are just for nipping to the shoes, running shoes are for exercsing and erm, running! Anyway, altogether that means I need approx 17 pairs, ok thats round that up to 20 pairs since I’m female …. that means that I have another 30 pairs that I don’t need (OMG that is a lot!)  All that space that they are taking up and I don’t even need them!

This just goes to prove that I have stuff around the house that I need to dispose of in some way which will serve two purposes:

  1. Decluttering and having less to tidy up
  2. Puppy-proofing the house so there are not things left around that he can chew (apart fro the things that he is allowed to!)

Why am I telling you all this, well I find that I switch on my computer in the morning with the intention of having a 15 minute browse whilst drinking a cup of tea and find myself still browsing an hour later when really I should be doing other things.  I also know what I’m like, I need to not log on at all it I am to get any work done and therefore I will not be posting any blogs this week since I will not be logging on! 

My plan for the week:

  • Monday AM:  Generally clean and tidy up.
  • Monday PM:  Get all the ironing done.  Great because I get to watch a film whilst doing the ironing so I don’t mind it so much.  I recorded Casino the other night so I might watch that… hope it doesn’t take too long to finish cleaning!
  • Tuesday AM:  Since my shoes take up quite a bit of space I will sort through these, decide which ones I’m keeping (limiting myself to 20 althogether), decide which are in great condition to be eBayed, which are in reasonable condition to be freecycled as a job lot and which are maybe too far gone – I can try these on freecycle but then donate if no interest.  Take photos of shoes and sort out to sell on eBay and donate on Freecycle.
  • Tuesday PM:  I need to take Izzy for her 8 week injections so can’t do too much in the afternoon
  • Wednesday AM:  Go through our clothes for selling or donating.  I sorted out a few of my Ash’s before Easter but I’ve left these in a pile in his room so I need to finish the job so he can tidy his room (he blames me that his room is a mess!)  I sorted my clothes out which I got them out of their suitcases (from moving) after having Izzy when I could wear normal clothes again, but I’m sure I will find some more.  And finally I need to go through my OH’s clothes, but he needs to be around so I’ll sort out what I think he should get rid of and them check with him.  My problem is that I feel that I need new clothes, so maybe when I’m sorting through them I can work out what I need and then check out eBay to see what I can get from there.
  • Wednesday PM:  Finish sorting the clothes out and finish taking photos of shoes if didn’t complete on Tuesday.  If any spare time do some ironing since there will be some!
  • Thursday AM:  take the clothes to be donated to the local charity shop, and whilst I’m out get any shopping I need.  Normally I shop on a Friday but if I intend to declutter I’ll need to get rid of the clothes ASAP since they take up so much space in bags and also look untidy, so instead of making an unnecessary trip on Friday I’ll shop one day earlier.
  • Thursday PM:  Sort out the sideboard in the dining room and the table in the lounge (both are filled with clutter and the stuff just need to be put in the proper place (wherever that may be!)
  • Friday AM:  Aargh, the worst job is to sort out underneath our bed, this is full of magazines, tools, cables, crap…. and also some stuff that I know can be sold on eBay so again I just need to do it.
  • Friday PM:  leaving the pleasant task for last I need to sort out my yarn stash and associated items (needles, etc) and find one place to leave it all which the dog can’t get at and then put my current projects in a suitable bag that I can leave in the lounge handy, which the dog also can’t get at!

This little lot will definitely keep my busy for the week, hopefully I can relax in the evenings with a bit of knitting and spending time with Izzy.  Hopefully Izzy will let me get this stuff done!!

Well, I’ve done upstairs, just need to finish downstairs and then the ironing…. see you next week!


March 12, 2008


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I have just found a buying/selling website called Etsy where you can buy and sell your homemade wares.  Now apparently this is different to eBay since you set the price at which you want to sell products, additionally the site is American based, but there are lots of sells (and I can only assume buyers as well) that are based in the UK.

I have always liked the thought of knitting dolls / bags / socks (ie smaller items) and selling them to make money but didn’t think that I would be able to recoup my costs for the wool via eBay and so have always put this on the backburner – however, having now found this website, I think I may browse it a little longer, make a couple of items and then list them to see how things go.  Obviously with baby it will take me time to knit a few things up, but as she settles into a routine it is becoming easier to find half an hour most days now when I could commit to doing some knitting… just need to plan what to make now, although I think socks are favourite!  Having said that I have recently purchased a mixed bag of different coloured wools on eBay and so if I found a suitable doll or toy project I could make something, athough I guess I need to consider copyright if I make it from someone else’s pattern.

February 21, 2008

Another Sale

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Another sale on Amazon last night, this time for Faceless by Martina Cole. I’m still quite impressed that I have received a number of sales in such a short space of time.  Also good to know that I don’t have to feel quite so guilty in future when I buy books, because at least I know I should be able to get some money back from them!

February 15, 2008

Amazon Sale

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Well, last week I added around 30 books to Amazon to sell.  Most of them are being sold at anything from a few pence to a few pounds – however I was very surprised to find out that a few of the books that I had chosen to list were being sold at £10 – £30 each!!  I couldn’t wait to tell my OH when he got bacck home from work, anyway I also pointed out that although I may have a few books that I was selling at £20 or so, they were only worth that much if someone actually wanted to buy them, and I might have to wait for a while for anyone to want them…

Anyway, imagine my surprise when I checked my emails and on Tuesday earlier this week I had an email from Amazon with someone having a question about one of the books I was selling (selling at £20).  I spoke to the guy on the phone (he just wanted to double check that I did actually have the book and it’s condition – perfect condition) and he said that he would place the order.  I checked on Wednesday and he placed the order, Thursday I posted the book and Friday (today) I got my funds from Amazon – about £18…….. I’m so impressed, £18 for practically nothing