March 12, 2008

Magazine Subscription

Posted in Finances tagged , at 11:13 am by vicii

I’ve just treated myself to a magazine subscription – luckily though, it was completely FREE!!  I used my Tesco ClubCard vouchers last year to buy a subscription to Gardeners World for my dad for Christmas and although I received my vouchers through a while ago I have only just gotten around to seeing what I can have.  There were no crafty type mags available which I thought was a shame, so I treated myself to Prima instead.  Now I just need to wait for the details to come through so I can start receiving it…

I suppose I could have saved the vouchers up for more presents, but seeing a I have gotten £9 of vouchers in the last 3 months I thought to hell with it and to treat myself.  I’m sure I’ll get enough vouchers for another gift by the end of the year!