April 2, 2008

Knitting: Lacy Socks

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lace sock

I’ve been quite slack with writing about details of my knitting projects so here is another one; I am knitting these lacy socks for my mum for a Christmas present.  I know that she wears bed socks so I thought that these would made a pretty pair for her – of course she my choose to wear them as day socks under her boots in the winter, by this is her choice.

I bought lots of 3 ply wool in cream when I found out I was pregnant and then never really used all that much (apart from to knit an alphabet blanket) so this is being knitted up using this wool that I have a plentiful supply of!  I also think that the lace work would look really pretty as a cuff on a jumper or cardigan (I tried it on my wrist before working the heel and it looked very impressive) so maybe I will get started on a nice jumper – although it will take a long time to complete due to the needle size I am using (2mm!)… watch this space…


Noni Bag

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working noni

I have finishing knitting my Noni bag (above picture is of the work in progress).  I am really nervous now since it is in the washing machine being “felted”.  This is the first time I have done this and despite checking on the Internet I have not been able to find concrete instructions on how to do it – they are generally quite vague: hot wash, short cycle, keep checking (how can I do this??) so I have set my front loaded washing machine on to 50deg on a colour wash cycle (this is D on my machine), I’ve set the spin to 400 (instead of the 1200 that I usually have it on) and on a half load.  Hopefully the resulting bag and strap will come out ok or at least under felted so I can try again.

I do hope this works out since I plan to give the bag to my niece as a birthday present.  Fortunately her birthday isn’t until May so at least I have some time to work on something else if it goes pear-shaped!

March 13, 2008

Next Knitting Project

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I have surfed eBay and found a seller (albeit in the US) who is selling the Noni pattern that I really quite like, it is for little bags the right kind of size for mobile phones, iPods and Nintendo DS’ – therefore I have placed an order for the pattern along with some pink and blue wool as recommended in the pattern.  My niece is 8 in May and one of these bags would be perfect for her to keep her Nintendo in, so hopefully I will be able to start on this as soon as the package arrives.

Noni ebay

The other positive is that I had a £5 voucher from an eBay email (usually I delete them so I’m quite pleased that I actually read this one!) so in total the pattern and two skeins of wool have only cost me £9.50 including postage.