April 4, 2008

Tea Everywhere

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I love tea – I could quite easily drink about 10 mugs a day (it’s a good job you can’t overdose on it!).  I’ve been buying teabags like they’ve been going out of fashion since being on leave from work and then I realised that I had lots of boxes of herbal tea that I buy occasionally in an effort to be more healthly – but then never finish (or even open) them.

However in an effort to use what I have in my storecuboard I decided to start drinking the herbal tea and use all them up before I start on the “proper” tea again.


Storecupboard starting to get empty!

So far I have managed to get through 3 boxes since the weekend; camomile, blackcurrant and blackberry & nettle. I did have a number of headaches at the weekend due to withdrawal symptoms but they have gone now and I’m quite enjoying the different tastes – however I’m determined to empty the storecupboard before I buy anymore…


March 3, 2008

“Jamie at Home” cookbook

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I treated myself last week to Jamie Oliver’s latest cookbook since they were selling it at half price in W H Smith – and I have been watching the series on TV with great interest, loving everything that he has made.  To be honest though, I haven’t really had chance to look through it since every time I sit down Izzy decides that she wants to be cuddled!  Obviously the cuddles come first… anyway, I was determined to cook something out of it, as I think it is such a waste when I buy a cookbook but then never cook anything from it.  I opted for the balsamic baked onions and potatoes with roast pork – a good choice, it tasted divine and went down a treat at home

Meal Planner w/c 1 Mar 08

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Ok, so I have also made some of these meals but I never got chance to log on this weekend – I was determined to get some tasks done around the house…

Sat – Tuna and tomato pasta
Sun – Balsamic baked onions and potatoes with roast pork (lifted from Jamie Oliver’s “Jamie at Home” book
Mon – Salmon and new potatoes (with some frozen salmon fillets that I got on offer a month ago)
Tue – Lasagne and rice
Wed – Sausages and mash with peas
Thu – Corned beef hash with vegetables
Fri – Homemade pizza