March 12, 2008


Posted in Knitting, Money Making tagged , , , at 12:15 pm by vicii

I have just found a buying/selling website called Etsy where you can buy and sell your homemade wares.  Now apparently this is different to eBay since you set the price at which you want to sell products, additionally the site is American based, but there are lots of sells (and I can only assume buyers as well) that are based in the UK.

I have always liked the thought of knitting dolls / bags / socks (ie smaller items) and selling them to make money but didn’t think that I would be able to recoup my costs for the wool via eBay and so have always put this on the backburner – however, having now found this website, I think I may browse it a little longer, make a couple of items and then list them to see how things go.  Obviously with baby it will take me time to knit a few things up, but as she settles into a routine it is becoming easier to find half an hour most days now when I could commit to doing some knitting… just need to plan what to make now, although I think socks are favourite!  Having said that I have recently purchased a mixed bag of different coloured wools on eBay and so if I found a suitable doll or toy project I could make something, athough I guess I need to consider copyright if I make it from someone else’s pattern.