March 12, 2008

Local Countryside

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After I picked by DS up from school yesterday we made the most of the dry weather (after the rain that we have had recently), popped Izzy into a baby sling and went out for a walk…. two hours later we got back home!

I hadn’t realised just how much countryside there was, quite literally, just down the road.  My DS has been out walking with my OH’s parents and their dog and one of the last walks that he went on was to the local Mere.  I had no idea where this was and so suggested that we go out and he show me.

Astbury Mere

This picture shows most of the mere just as the sun is starting to come out after the rain!

Yes, we did get caught in the rain…


I thought that the sun poking through the trees here made a lovely view


My DS spotted that there were two rainbows and insisted that I take a picture