March 28, 2008

More Plants

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My parents bought my OH a hanging basket cascade thing for his birthday which will look really pretty when it is full of plants and they are in bloom in the summer, however I have been concentrating on vegetables and therefore haven’t bought any bedding plants so I needed to pull my finger out on this to either get some seeds to grow or get some plants whilst they were still small and cheap….

Hanging Baskets

Fortunately my dad told me that they were selling bedding plants in Wilkinsons which were good value – for smaller plug plants they have a 3 for £5 offer or for slightly bigger ones a 2 for £5 offer – therefore I spent £15 and got lots of plants; geraniums, lobielia, petunias, fushias, and some more that I can’t recall the name of!  So these are all in the greenhouse, currently still in their little modules since I had a hectic day yesterday. I was hoping to transplant them today along with digging the beds that need doing – however the weather is awful for digging so that may have to wait until tomorrow so I might leave the transplanting until then as well.  Plus this has the advantage that my OH isn’t at work so I can just concentrate on the garden instead of worrying that Izzy will need attending to.

Also, I’ve had a busy week this week so would like to spend today just relaxing – that is allowed isn’t it?!