February 26, 2008

Going to Pot

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I had planned to spend yesterday afternoon deciding what vegetables to grow in the garden and plan a sowing rota (after reading Kethry‘s blog and realising that I haven’t done this yet!).  Unfortunately time disappeared… school rang at lunchtime to inform me that DS didn’t have any sandwiches and didn’t fancy any of the school meals, so I have to make his sandwiches and drop them off to him – I had run out of time in the morning and asked him if he could make his lunch which he often does when I’m running late, he managed to do all of his lunch but forgot the sandwiches – so this ate into my day, and then I found out that he hadn’t eaten them anyway as apparently he wasn’t hungry by the time I delivered them to school, therefore I put them straight into the fridge and he’s having them for lunch today. 

I also planned to get rid of my ironing pile yesterday, I don’t believe how long it took, it felt like it took all day.  However it wasn’t all lost since I managed to make some chicken stock from a carcass I had from jointing a chicken at the weekend.  I put some of the stock in the fridge ready to made a casserole with tonight and the rest I used to make some carrot and coriander soup which should feed me for lunches all (or most of) this week.  I also managed to vaccum downstairs and get dinner ready so I don’t feel like I was sat on my backside all day.

The same cannot be said for today however, I fed Izzy this morning, then got ready to go into town (had another Amazon sale on Sunday so needed to go to the post office) but needed to get the book parcelled up, then the washing out on the line, then the nappy delivery arrived – and I had to get from the neighbour since I was outside with the washing!  Eventually made it into town, got everything I needed and walked back – it was midday!!  Where did the time go?  Izzy was fast asleep in her buggy, so managed to get a cup of tea and load the nappies in the wash before she woke up for a feed.  I’ve practically just finished feeding her and so now I’m going to have some soup, hang the nappies on the line, then it will be 3 o’clock and time to pick DS up from school….. then time to start on dinner, then feed Izzy again…… argh!!  When will I get chance to sit down….


February 21, 2008

Another Sale

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Another sale on Amazon last night, this time for Faceless by Martina Cole. I’m still quite impressed that I have received a number of sales in such a short space of time.  Also good to know that I don’t have to feel quite so guilty in future when I buy books, because at least I know I should be able to get some money back from them!

February 20, 2008

Another Sale

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Yes, I’ve had another Amazon sale.  It was for a much lower value book this time but that’s two sold now.  I think I am going to create another tab for “Money Making” so I can keep a record of how much money I have made

February 15, 2008

Amazon Sale

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Well, last week I added around 30 books to Amazon to sell.  Most of them are being sold at anything from a few pence to a few pounds – however I was very surprised to find out that a few of the books that I had chosen to list were being sold at £10 – £30 each!!  I couldn’t wait to tell my OH when he got bacck home from work, anyway I also pointed out that although I may have a few books that I was selling at £20 or so, they were only worth that much if someone actually wanted to buy them, and I might have to wait for a while for anyone to want them…

Anyway, imagine my surprise when I checked my emails and on Tuesday earlier this week I had an email from Amazon with someone having a question about one of the books I was selling (selling at £20).  I spoke to the guy on the phone (he just wanted to double check that I did actually have the book and it’s condition – perfect condition) and he said that he would place the order.  I checked on Wednesday and he placed the order, Thursday I posted the book and Friday (today) I got my funds from Amazon – about £18…….. I’m so impressed, £18 for practically nothing