April 29, 2008

A Week with Max

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Wow, this week has been really hectic- I’m so please that Jim took the week off work. Of course, today he’s back at work so it’s my first day managing to cope with Max and Izzy!! I’ve already told Ash that I might be in a bad mood when I pick him up from school….

Dare I speak too soon? A the moment both Max and Izzy are asleep, so at least they are letting me get some peace – All I wanted was my half hour sit down after dropping Ash off at school, where I can drink a cup of tea and catch up with the news…. as long as I get this quiet time each morning, I should be able to cope with the day ahead!


April 22, 2008

Max Has Arrived

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At long last, Max has arrived. We went to pick him up earlier today and now he’s busy investigating under the sofa – the spot he seems to have picked as his little den (he obviously doesn’t want his basket!) He loves being outside (it’s a beautiful day today) and is enjoying running around in the garden.

April 20, 2008

Food Ideas

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Since giving birth to Izzy earlier this month money saving has all but gone out of the window – however for March I plan to get back onto the wagon and hence am planning my menus today for the next month. Inevitably this will alter towards the end of the month, but it gives me an idea of how much I should be spending during the month and definitely allows me to get shopping for the next month.
Another of my aims is to eat “5-a-day” of fruit and vegetables and therefore I need to factor this in to the plan whilst still trying to keep within my budget. Because months vary between 4- and 5-week months I budget to spend £80 in week 1 and then £40 for each following week, making my budget either £240 or £280 a month. [I plan for a big week 1 to buy all the pantry and freezer items and then just top up with bread, milk, veg etc in the subsequent weeks]. Ideally I’d like to get this down to £200 a month including all food, drink (including alcohol), cleaning products (vinegar, bicarb, etc) and toiletries, but I need to start growing my own veg and making my own wine and beer first.
I also want to try and reduce my food air-miles and buy in season veg – this will also help me to come up with recipes to make when I have my own veg to use, so I use up everything that I have instead of letting it go to waste. I have found this great website I’m in Season which I’m currently using to work out what veg I should buy this week, and also looking at the Tesco website to see what offers they have on to save money before I finalise my menu for this coming week.
I’ve also found another site Think Vegetables that gives help on the seasonality of vegetables – so between the two I’m sure I’ll be able to post my menu plans shortly

April 18, 2008

Meal Planner w/c 19 April

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I haven’t made a meal plan for the week for the last few weeks and it definitely shows on my bank balance; I have ended up spending much more money that I do when I have made a plan and I have also had no idea what to make for dinner in the evenings either so I have been completely dis-organised. This needs to change so here is the first plan the I have done for a while:

  • Saturday: Chilli con carne – great because I made a big batch last time and so this is direct from the freezer for a nice and simple but tasty meal
  • Sunday: Roast chicken dinner with all the veg
  • Monday: Chicken curry and naan bread – made from any leftover chicken from Sunday. Jim is at home all this week so he wont want leftovers for his sandwiches!
  • Tuesday: Tuna and tomato pasta – hopefully we should be picking Max up today and this meal takes little prep and no time to cook, thus meaning we can spend more time with the new dog
  • Wednesday: Fish pie – homemade but I’m going to buy one of those frozen packets of mixed seafood to make this with
  • Thursday: Bangers and mash
  • Friday: Homemade pizza – a good Friday night meal


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I found this article on heartbeats and lifespan, Conserve Your Heartbeats, makes for an interesting theory on prolonging lifespan (or alternatively decreasing it!)

Doggy Delays

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We’ve had a little bit of a set back with Max (the new dog), we were due to pick him up tomorrow however when Joanne, the breeder, took him to the vets with all his brothers and sisters for his first set of injections, the vet told her that he had a hernia! Now this apparently isn’t serious as it is only an umbilical hernia which means that it was probably caused by his mum being a bit heavy-handed when detaching the umbilical cord.

However, little Max is going back to the vets on Monday to have a operation to sort it out, and then hopefully we can pick him up on Tuesday all being well. The poor little mite will have to wear one of those satellite dish collars for a week or so whilst his stitches heal though so he will probably be very confused

April 17, 2008

Yesterdays Walk

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Some pictures of our walk yesterday afternoon

the canal

Diary – Run 3

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Today was my third 2 mile run, it went much better than the first one and better than the second! During the first two runs I had to slow to walking pace during the run, however on this third run I ran all the way through which makes me feel much more confident about running on Sunday in the great outdoors. Seriously though, it makes me feel like my body is happily getting back to it’s pre-pregnancy state and that the exercise is paying off in that I don’t need to rest as frequently.

Currently I’m not sure whether I should continue running 2 miles for a further week, or whether I should increase the run to 2.5 miles. At the moment I think I will increase the run on Sunday and then see how the treadmill runs go. Yesterday whilst walking with Ash and Bella (Bella was in the pappouse) I went further along the canal than I did on Sunday (when the route I did was 2 miles), we walked up to what I discovered was the Biddulph Way and then back again – a total of 2.6 miles so I guess this would be acceptable for a 2.5 mile route, I’ll just turn around slightly earlier.

  • Distance – 2 miles
  • Time – 20:20
  • Pace – 10:10
  • Route – Treadmill

It’s Paying Off

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It’s all paying off – I weighed myself this morning and I have lost a pound. So I thought that I may as well measure myself as well to see if there were any other changes, and I have lost 1/2 inch off my waist and my thighs and a whole inch off my hips! I am very impressed. This also means that my body fat % has come down by 1% to 25% which is right at the beginning of the acceptable range, a loss of one more percent will take me into the in shape range, which is my immediate aim.

April 16, 2008

Calories and Weight Loss

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From checking on the internet, with my current weight at 128 lbs I have a daily calorie requirement of 1664 calories. Therefore if I take in less than this number it should help me to lose weight and any more, then I could potentially gain weight.

Additionally, I have also found out that 3500 calories = 1 lb, which means that if I consume less than 11,648 calories a week, once these tally to 3500 I should lose a lb. Also for every mile I run I work off 100 calories, therefore once I have run 35 miles I should lose a lb – this is very appealing since according to my plan, somewhere in week 5 I should have run 35 miles, and then the next time I hit 35 miles is at week 7

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