April 30, 2008

Running Diary

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I eventually managed to get on the treadmill yesterday at half past five. I ran for 10 mins at varying speeds, running at each speed for 1 minute; 3kmh, 6kmh, 9kmh, 12kmh, 10kmh, 14kmh, 6kmr, 10kmr, 6kmr. The remaining time I ran between 9kmr – 10kmr until I completed 3 miles:

  • Distance – 3 miles
  • Time – 29:46
  • Pace – 9:55
  • Route – Treadmill

April 29, 2008

Running – Week 2

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I’ve not written up about any runs I’ve done for the last week, however the main thing is that I have been running!

I read somewhere that running on a treadmill is easier than running outside since the “conveyor belt” moves underneath you (that’s obvious isn’t it!). In order to make the running more in line with running outside you should set the treadmill to an incline of 1%. Therefore on my treadmill runs I have run at an incline of 2% this week.

On Sunday (20th April) I didn’t increase the mileage of my runs, mainly because I couldn’t remember the route for the longer run (!!) so just did 2 miles again – however I managed to do this without stopping at all so I was very impressed with that:

  • Distance – 2.02 miles
  • Time – 20:20
  • Pace – 10:03
  • Route – Canal and Leek Road

On Tuesday, I increased the mileage to 2.5 miles:

  • Distance – 2.5 miles
  • Time – 26:21
  • Pace – 10:24
  • Route – Treadmill w/ 2% incline

On Thursday I decided to use one of the programmes that my treadmill has will an attempt to do some tempo training. This worked quite well, however the programmes last for 10 minutes and if you want to continue running after this time, you need to stop and reset the treadmill before continuing so the run was effectively split into 2 (since 10mins was not enough exercise for me). Additionally the first and last runs were so slow they infuriated me – 1km/hour is sooo slow, much slower than I even walk!

Tempo run:

  • Distance – 1.3 km
  • Time – 10.00
  • Pace – 12:20
  • Route – Treadmill – programme 3
  • Distance – 2.7km
  • Time – 15.52
  • Pace – 9.26
  • Route – Treadmill

This means that in total I did run 2.5 miles. I think that the tempo run helped with my speed, which is borne out by Sunday’s run. Additionally, as I’m getting fitter, I don’t need to stop and walk so often which also has an impact on my speed.

On Sunday’s run I planned my route in advance. I had hoped to run 3 miles but didn’t quite manage it. However I now have a route planned which is 3 miles so I will do that next time I need to:

  • Distance – 2.73 miles
  • Time – 26:02
  • Pace – 9:32
  • Route – Canal to Biddulph Way and back

I intend to run 3 miles both today and Thursday, run 2 miles on Saturday (I’m not sure yet whether this will be outside or not) and then increase Sunday’s run to 4 miles

April 17, 2008

Diary – Run 3

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Today was my third 2 mile run, it went much better than the first one and better than the second! During the first two runs I had to slow to walking pace during the run, however on this third run I ran all the way through which makes me feel much more confident about running on Sunday in the great outdoors. Seriously though, it makes me feel like my body is happily getting back to it’s pre-pregnancy state and that the exercise is paying off in that I don’t need to rest as frequently.

Currently I’m not sure whether I should continue running 2 miles for a further week, or whether I should increase the run to 2.5 miles. At the moment I think I will increase the run on Sunday and then see how the treadmill runs go. Yesterday whilst walking with Ash and Bella (Bella was in the pappouse) I went further along the canal than I did on Sunday (when the route I did was 2 miles), we walked up to what I discovered was the Biddulph Way and then back again – a total of 2.6 miles so I guess this would be acceptable for a 2.5 mile route, I’ll just turn around slightly earlier.

  • Distance – 2 miles
  • Time – 20:20
  • Pace – 10:10
  • Route – Treadmill

April 16, 2008

Treadmill Running

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I went out on the treadmill yesterday for my 2 mile run. That definitely sorted out the cobwebs that had been accumulating on it. I did a much better time than my run on Sunday, coming in at 21:05 (pace 10:33) instead of the 14:15 pace I managed on the weekend. The problem is that because the run on Sunday was outside compared to yesterday’s on the treadmill (and hence constantly on the flat) and also Sunday was the first run for a number of years – I can’t quite tell whether this is more like my normal pace or not. Anyway 2 runs down and I feel very motivated to finish this week so I can increase the runs next week to up my mileage.

  • Distance – 2 miles
  • Time – 21:05
  • Pace – 10:33
  • Route – Treadmill

April 15, 2008

Starting Stats

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In line with my plan to get into shape and lose weight, I need to be able to track my progress and therefore below are my starting statistics so I can update every week or so to see how I am getting on. These were taken 14 April 2008:

According to the tables that I have seen, my BMI is in the normal range and my body fat is in the acceptable range:

Underweight = less than 18.5
Normal = 18.5 – 24.9
Overweight = 25 – 29.9
Obese = greater than 30

Body Fat
Minimum = 10% – 12%
Athlete = 14% – 20%
In Shape = 21% – 24%
Acceptable = 25% – 33%
Obese = greater than 34%

I’m ok with my BMI but it is still much higher than it was pre-pregnancy when I weighed 110 lbs. I don’t mind of I don’t go back to this weight but I would like to be somewhere in the middle, around 8.5 stone or 118 lb.

However, I’m really not happy with my body fat; I’ve never taken this measurement before since I don’t really measure myself (my philosophy is that if I’m happy with the way I look, it doesn’t matter how much I weigh or how big my waist is – however currently I’m not happy with the way I look!) Having said that I have always have chunky thighs and calves because of the running and sport that I did in the past they have always been muscly, however now I fear they are turning to fat…

My targets are to reduce my weight to around 118 lbs and get my waist to around 26 in. In doing this, I should reduce my BMI to around 20 which is around the middle of the normal range and something I would be much happier with.

If I lose 2 in from both my waist and my hips I should reduce my body fat to 25% which is just on the cusp of In Shape/Normal which again, I would be much happier with.

These are my targets and as yet I’m not sure what is a reasonable date to set myself to achieve these targets so I need to consider this a bit more. Obviously the sooner the better, but I will set myself an arbitary target of 2 months to lose 10 lb and 4 ins (off waist and thighs). Thats just over a pound a week and the inches should fall off as I work up to train longer distances with the running. Good luck to me!!

Fresh Air or Treadmill?

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So this afternoon I am due to do another 2 mile run after having a rest day yesterday. Having said that, it is much easier to find the time to run at the weekends than in the week. OK, so at the moment I am at home all the time since I am currently on maternity leave, however I do have a baby to look after and cannot just leave her at home whilst I take a run – or being her with me! Therefore I still need to wait until my partner gets home before I can have a run.

However by the time he gets home all he wants to do is have dinner – which is fair enough, I don’t blame him, after all he does get home around half 6 so we eat anytime between half six and seven. So then I need to leave at least half an hour before I go out running so the earliest I can go out is half seven and I have to admit I’m a little concerned about going out so late on my own…

Fortunately I have a backup plan: I have a fantastic treadmill that I bought a number of years ago after receiving a bonus from work so I think that during the week I will go on the treadmill, and then go out properly on the weekend, or in the week if I get chance (if someone will babysit for half an hour or so).

Hopefully at some point this afternoon Bella will be quite content to sit and watch me pound the treadmill for 20-30 mins or else just fall asleep for me so I can have a good workout without having to stop part way through to take care of her.

April 14, 2008

The First Run (for sometime!)

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So yesterday I bit the bullet, I went out for the first run I have done in an absolute age. I figured about 2 miles would be just about as much as I could handle so I used http://mapmyrun.com/ to work out some routes local to me and came up with a reasonable flat 2 miler which started off with me running just under a mile along the canal and the rest on the pavement.

Running along the canal at the start was great – mainly because there wasn’t so much jarring as the surface was soft (and very muddy) and also I knew that if I was really struggling, then I could just walk and not have anyone looking at me 😦

So I managed the run in about 29 mins. I’m not too sure on how long it take because although I borrowed my son’s stopwatch and stopped it when I got back home, I realised that I managed to start it again shortly after stopping it and then went through the clumsly procedure of starting and stopping and starting and re-stopping it so the time isn’t that accurate but at least it gives me an idea of how things went.

  • Distance – 2.02 miles
  • Time – 29:28
  • Pace – 14:15
  • Route – Along canal and Leek Road