April 29, 2008

Meal Planner w/c 26 April

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The posting of this planner is a bit late due to my hectic week coping with a puppy biting at my heels almost constantly (and my slippers, and my laptop cable….)

Sat – Kedgeree
Sun – Beef casserole with mash, cabbage and brocolli
Mon – Macaroni cheese with leek and potato sausages
Tue – Bacon wrapped chicken with dressed lentils (delicious recipe)
Wed – Chilli con carne (from the freezer when made last time)
Thu – Potato omelette
Fri – Hamburger and chips


April 18, 2008

Meal Planner w/c 19 April

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I haven’t made a meal plan for the week for the last few weeks and it definitely shows on my bank balance; I have ended up spending much more money that I do when I have made a plan and I have also had no idea what to make for dinner in the evenings either so I have been completely dis-organised. This needs to change so here is the first plan the I have done for a while:

  • Saturday: Chilli con carne – great because I made a big batch last time and so this is direct from the freezer for a nice and simple but tasty meal
  • Sunday: Roast chicken dinner with all the veg
  • Monday: Chicken curry and naan bread – made from any leftover chicken from Sunday. Jim is at home all this week so he wont want leftovers for his sandwiches!
  • Tuesday: Tuna and tomato pasta – hopefully we should be picking Max up today and this meal takes little prep and no time to cook, thus meaning we can spend more time with the new dog
  • Wednesday: Fish pie – homemade but I’m going to buy one of those frozen packets of mixed seafood to make this with
  • Thursday: Bangers and mash
  • Friday: Homemade pizza – a good Friday night meal

February 25, 2008

Meal Planner w/c 24 Feb 08

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Now that my OH is back to work this week after two weeks paternity leave helping me and little Izzy, I feel like I can get back into a routine after things have just happened hap-hazardly. I managed to plan my meals for the week at the weekend and get the shopping in – unfortunately I went over budget but that’s because I made a coffee cake for OH and I hate coffee so I treated both my DS and myself to some muffins and millionaires shortbread which wasn’t on my list, along with a few other treats… oh well! I get paid today so it’s back on the wagon for March and hopefully back to budget!
So the meals I aim to cook this week are:
Mon – Gammon and mash with cauliflower and carrots
Tue – Lemon and prawn pasta (OH’s favourite and something he cooks so a night off for me)
Wed – Chorizo, chicken and chickpea casserole
Thu – Corned beef hash
Fri – undecided, I am avidly reading “The Bean Book” by Rose Elliot to get some inspiration. I have lots of beans in the pantry but I’m not quite sure what to do with them, I got the book off Amazon a few weeks ago for a penny and haven’t actually looked at it properly yet, but now I’m back on the wagon I need to start saving money again, and I’m also aiming to have one vegetarian meal a week to save on money on buying meat.
Also I bought a whole chicken at the weekend since we have chicken tikka wraps on Saturday with garlic mayonnese – the breasts were used up on Saturday and the thighs, legs and wings are in the fridge ready to use in the casserole on Wednesday. I have the carcass currently boiling on the stove at the moment to make some stock so I can make some tasty carrot and coriander soup which I can have for lunch this week. The chicken cost around £4.50, I had all the stuff in for the wraps, for the casserole I need to go to the deli tomorrow to buy some nice chorizo which should cost about £1.50, the carrots and coriander cost about £2; therefore two dinners and lunch for most of the week will have cost £8 or so – which isn’t bad to feed 3 of use – this isn’t at all accurate but equalling it all out, that is about £1 per meal (3 people x 2 meals x £1) each with £2 for the soup (since the carrots and coriander cost £2!)