March 12, 2008

Small Crocheted Items

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Whilst browsing the internet for ideas of small items to make, I came across this blog Crochetroo which lists patterns for crocheting.  Although these patterns are copyrighted so I couldn’t make any of these to sell, there are some wonderful items to make as gifts and also ideas to inspire my to create my own patterns (I’m currently making a fitted tank top from some Yo-Yo yarn by Wendy and have made the pattern up so just waiting to finish it to see if it fits so I’m not adverse to creating patterns from scratch!)

February 26, 2008

Blog to Review Later

Posted in Blogs, Old Style, Simplicity tagged , , , at 3:18 pm by vicii – bookmarking to review later – need to pick son up from school.  Interested in the powdered laundry detergent….

February 20, 2008


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I have been very lazy recently and not visited any of the blogs on my blogroll, even though I know I enjoy reading them.  I had planned on spending the day having a good browse around and ready all that I have missed – unfortunately things haven’t gone to plan!  However I have been able to spend some time reading blogs and have been spurred on again in my endeavour to use less chemicals and more homemade cleaners, etc.

In “A more green and simple life” Donna has updated us on how she is managing to life just that and this is just what I needed to remind me on the whole purpose of creating this blog.  First I want to update some knitting patterns and then I need to start properly on my projects list.