May 25, 2008

Meal Planner w/c 24 May

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The meals I have planned this week are: 

Sat – Sweet and sour chicken balls as made on last weeks Something for the Weekend

Sun – Stewing steak and vegetables in giant yorkshire puddings

Mon – Chicken curry

Tue – Spaghetti meatballs

Wed – Gammon and mash

Thu – Tuna pasta

Fri – we were going to have chilli con carne but I had a request from the OH this morning to have beefburgers this week!  Fortunately this is very easy to substitute since I bought the mince for the chilli, when I go shopping on Friday I just need to get some rolls.  The lettuce is now growing well in the greenhouse so I don’t need to worry about buying any!


May 21, 2008

Meal Planner – w/b 17 May

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As usual, a little bit of a delay but for this weeks list:

Sat – Chorizo and potato omelette (from Jamie at Home) – this was delicious

Sun – Roast chicken, roast potatoes, smashed carrots and swede and caulifower

Mon – Chicken curry (korma) from the left over chicken on Sunday

Tue – Macaroni cheese with pork and leek sausages

Wed – Tuna fishcakes and chips

Thu – Tortellini and a tomato sauce (shop bought fresh pasta and a homemade sauce made from a tin of tomatoes, port, ketchup, tomato puree, garlic, onions, oregano and basil – lovely!)

Fri – Bangers and mash

March 20, 2008

Meal Planner w/c 22 Mar 08

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Since it is Good Friday tomorrow and also my OH’s birthday I’m going to do my grocery shopping today, therefore I am posting my meal plans a day or two early:

Fri – good question, I’m going to wing this one and decide when I’m shopping, OH was venison or something for his birthday meal….

Sat – Chilli con carne

Sun – out for dinner at my mums

Mon – Chicken curry

Tue – Meatballs (I never had them last time since they were out of stock! – I made maccaroni cheese instead)

Wed – Corned beef hash

Thu – Pork chops, new potatoes, lentils

Fri – Homemade pizza or fish and chips

March 16, 2008

Meal Planner w/c 15 Mar 08

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My list of meals for this week are:

Sat – quiche with chips (homemade with pancetta and cheese)

Sun – beef casserole with potatoes and veg

Mon – chicken curry

Tue – out for dinner

Wed – meatballs and spaghetti

Thu – cheese and onion pie OR some other pie

Fri – OH birthday so he gets to choose, and hasn’t chosen yet!!

March 11, 2008

Meal Planner w/c 8 Mar 08

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Again a bit late….

Sat – planned to have chicken kiev w/ potatoes but the day went pear-shaped, I didn’t eat anything and OH got a take-away!

Sun – roast lamb & potatoes w/ cabbage, broccoli and carrots.  Jam roly poly pudding w/ custard for desert

Mon – Turkey and vegetable pie w/ chips and peas (from the freezer – made from the Christmas turkey)

Tue – Cottage pie (make 2 and freeze one)

Wed – Jacket potato w/ tuna and salad

Thu – Stewing steak and veg in giant yorkshire puddings

Fri – Fish and chips

March 3, 2008

Meal Planner w/c 1 Mar 08

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Ok, so I have also made some of these meals but I never got chance to log on this weekend – I was determined to get some tasks done around the house…

Sat – Tuna and tomato pasta
Sun – Balsamic baked onions and potatoes with roast pork (lifted from Jamie Oliver’s “Jamie at Home” book
Mon – Salmon and new potatoes (with some frozen salmon fillets that I got on offer a month ago)
Tue – Lasagne and rice
Wed – Sausages and mash with peas
Thu – Corned beef hash with vegetables
Fri – Homemade pizza

February 29, 2008

Food Ideas

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Since giving birth to Izzy earlier this month money saving has all but gone out of the window – however for March I plan to get back onto the wagon and hence am planning my menus today for the next month.  Inevitably this will alter towards the end of the month, but it gives me an idea of how much I should be spending during the month and definitely allows me to get shopping for the next month. 

Another of my aims is to eat “5-a-day” of fruit and vegetables and therefore I need to factor this in to the plan whilst still trying to keep within my budget.  Because months vary between 4- and 5-week months I budget to spend £80 in week 1 and then £40 for each following week, making my budget either £240 or £280 a month.  [I plan for a big week 1 to buy all the pantry and freezer items and then just top up with bread, milk, veg etc in the subsequent weeks].  Ideally I’d like to get this down to £200 a month including all food, drink (including alcohol), cleaning products (vinegar, bicarb, etc) and toiletries, but I need to start growing my own veg and making my own wine and beer first.

I also want to try and reduce my food air-miles and buy in season veg – this will also help me to come up with recipes to make when I have my own veg to use, so I use up everything that I have instead of letting it go to waste.  I have found this great website I’m in Season which I’m currently using to work out what veg I should buy this week, and also looking at the Tesco website to see what offers they have on to save money before I finalise my menu for this coming week.

I’ve also found another site Think Vegetables that gives help on the seasonality of vegetables – so between the two I’m sure I’ll be able to post my menu plans shortly

February 25, 2008

Meal Planner w/c 24 Feb 08

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Now that my OH is back to work this week after two weeks paternity leave helping me and little Izzy, I feel like I can get back into a routine after things have just happened hap-hazardly.  I managed to plan my meals for the week at the weekend and get the shopping in – unfortunately I went over budget but that’s because I made a coffee cake for OH and I hate coffee so I treated both my DS and myself to some muffins and millionaires shortbread which wasn’t on my list, along with a few other treats… oh well!  I get paid today so it’s back on the wagon for March and hopefully back to budget!

So the meals I aim to cook this week are:

Mon – Gammon and mash with cauliflower and carrots

Tue – Lemon and prawn pasta (OH’s favourite and something he cooks so a night off for me)

Wed – Chorizo, chicken and chickpea casserole

Thu – Corned beef hash

Fri – undecided, I am avidly reading “The Bean Book” by Rose Elliot to get some inspiration.  I have lots of beans in the pantry but I’m not quite sure what to do with them, I got the book off Amazon a few weeks ago for a penny and haven’t actually looked at it properly yet, but now I’m back on the wagon I need to start saving money again, and I’m also aiming to have one vegetarian meal a week to save on money on buying meat.

Also I bought a whole chicken at the weekend since we have chicken tikka wraps on Saturday with garlic mayonnese – the breasts were used up on Saturday and the thighs, legs and wings are in the fridge ready to use in the casserole on Wednesday.  I have the carcass currently boiling on the stove at the moment to make some stock so I can make some tasty carrot and coriander soup which I can have for lunch this week.  The chicken cost around £4.50, I had all the stuff in for the wraps, for the casserole I need to go to the deli tomorrow to buy some nice chorizo which should cost about £1.50, the carrots and coriander cost about £2; therefore two dinners and lunch for most of the week will have cost £8 or so – which isn’t bad to feed 3 of use – this isn’t at all accurate but equalling it all out, that is about £1 per meal (3 people x 2 meals x £1) each with £2 for the soup (since the carrots and coriander cost £2!)

February 3, 2008

Meal Planner w/c 2 Feb 08

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This weeks meals (subject to giving birth in which case the freezer comes into play!):

Sun – Roast chicken with all the trimmings, plus spotted dick and custard for desert
Mon – Chilli con carne w/ rice
Tue – macaroni cheese and sausages
Wed – Corned beef hash w/ cabbage or other veg
Thu – Homemade pizza
Fri – fish and chips with mushy peas (or gravy for DS)

January 28, 2008

Meal Planner w/c 26 Jan

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A little later than planned, but nevermind:

Sat: Out for dinner
Sun: Sausage and mash with peas (no Sunday dinner since we dined out the previous night)
Mon: Homemade beef burger and chips
Tue: Chorizo, chicken and chickpea casserole
Wed: Lasagne and rice
Thu: Cheese and onion pie with jacket potato
Fri: Potato omelette with salad

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