May 26, 2008

Website Now Live!!

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It’s now live – the website – it may be a bit basic but I’m learning so it may change in design over the next week or so.  If you want to take a peek, click here


May 25, 2008

Water-logged Bed!

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When I went out to check on the garden this morning I found that I have a seriously waterlogged bed!  Currently in this bed I have planted onions and garlic.  There may be some leeks in there but Max has attacked the plant so I’m not sure if any of the seedlings survived and also I planted two lettuce that my dad gave me.

One of these pictures shows the bed and another shows the extent of the water-loggedness (is that a word?) Please don’t ask why there are three pictures, I got carried away and now I can’t delete what is in the gallery !!

Our neighbours have mentioned that in winter the whole of the bottom of the garden gets water-logged (we have very heavy clay soil) and so since this is where my veg plot is, I need to have a good think on how to combat this problem ready for winter – here comes the internet search………….

Meal Planner w/c 24 May

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The meals I have planned this week are: 

Sat – Sweet and sour chicken balls as made on last weeks Something for the Weekend

Sun – Stewing steak and vegetables in giant yorkshire puddings

Mon – Chicken curry

Tue – Spaghetti meatballs

Wed – Gammon and mash

Thu – Tuna pasta

Fri – we were going to have chilli con carne but I had a request from the OH this morning to have beefburgers this week!  Fortunately this is very easy to substitute since I bought the mince for the chilli, when I go shopping on Friday I just need to get some rolls.  The lettuce is now growing well in the greenhouse so I don’t need to worry about buying any!

May 24, 2008

Max’s First Walk

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We took Max out for his first walk today now that he is 12 weeks old.  He was actually quite well behaved as I had been told that some dogs just sit on their bottoms and wont budge!  I think with two of us going out it helped though because I walked in front and called him when he was busy sniffing the nettles.

We walked him a little way along the canal and even took a short dip with his front paws – it was nice to see that he wasn’t afraid.  I’m really looking forward to being able to give him longer walks though when he’s older.

May 22, 2008

Gardening Update

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I’ve managed to do quite a bit in the garden over the last few weeks.  First of all though Max escaped so I bought lots of chicken wire and tree stakes so we could secure the garden; there were gaps in the hedge between our house and the neighbours so we had to seal it back up. Although it might sound like an annoying thing to have to do, it was actually good news for me because I wanted to separate off the bottom of the garden for my vegetable patch and therefore I had the chicken wire left over to do it.  Unfortunately there were no tree stakes (this worked a treat instead of trying to figure out what type of wood I needed) left over but there was some old timber down the side of the garage and so I used that instead.   All that remains is for me to buy an arch (I want this since it will add a feature to the two separate parts of the garden) and sort out a gate – currently Max devours practically anything that he can get his mouth around so I want to be able to fence this part of the garden. 

With Max taking such an interest in the garden I haven’t planted the things that I wanted to plant, since I know that once they start growing he will just eat them!  I planted out my onions, garlic and leeks – I can not longer see any leeks so they have obviously been eaten, and the tops of the onions and garlic have definitely been nibbled; it’s just a good job that I started them off in the greenhouse so at least they had a few roots to anchor them down 🙂

Having said that I have planted some carrot, parsnip and beetroot seeds today.  I have no idea whether they will survive or not but I have sown them in the raised bed near to the house (the raised bed being better for the roots since I have heavy clay soil that I want to add lots of manure to at the end of this year ready for rotating the beds next year).  Hopefully I will have more of a chance of shooing Max off the bed if he tries to start digging it up since it is close to the house instead of right at the bottom of the garden.

A bit late (I’ve had a lot going on recently!) but I’ve finally gotten around to replanting my tomatoes into bigger pots ready for the summer and have also replanted the marigolds that I had sown earlier.  Some of then are still in the greenhouse a companions to the tomatoes and the rest have gone in the raised bed at the bottom patio along with my courgettes.  I have also potted on my basil and coriander, or at least some of them since I still have more to do but Izzy woke up and needed some attention so I had to stop.

And finally, the blueberry bush is looking really good; some flower buds are starting to form and my strawberries are also looking good – I’m just waiting for them to ripen, but I’m keeping quiet about them so I can keep them for myself….

May 21, 2008

Meal Planner – w/b 17 May

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As usual, a little bit of a delay but for this weeks list:

Sat – Chorizo and potato omelette (from Jamie at Home) – this was delicious

Sun – Roast chicken, roast potatoes, smashed carrots and swede and caulifower

Mon – Chicken curry (korma) from the left over chicken on Sunday

Tue – Macaroni cheese with pork and leek sausages

Wed – Tuna fishcakes and chips

Thu – Tortellini and a tomato sauce (shop bought fresh pasta and a homemade sauce made from a tin of tomatoes, port, ketchup, tomato puree, garlic, onions, oregano and basil – lovely!)

Fri – Bangers and mash

Some Exciting News…

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… Well for me at any rate! I’ve been thinking about it on and off for a while and have now finally taken the plunge. I have purchased my own domain so that I can create my own website as well as maintaining a blog.

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t written anything for a while and may wonder what I ‘ve been doing, well I will admit that I have been busy and not just ignoring my blog. Having said that I will admit to making the most of the sunshine (whilst we had it) and was sitting in the back garden either reading, gardening, playing with the dog or baby or painting the garden furniture!

For the last week of so though I have been sorting out the back bones of my new (and as yet un-published) website so that at least there is something to look at when it goes live. I also wanted to sort out some form of structure and play around with it so I know whether it will work or not in the future… hopefully it will.

At the moment I am just waiting on confirmation from my hosting service that everything is ready to go, and once that happened I will be able to publish the site…. the address is but I guess that was going to be kind of obvious.  As I said above, there isn’t anything there yet, but I’ll post again to say when it is live