March 18, 2008

Digging vs Knitting

Posted in Gardening, Knitting tagged , , at 3:18 pm by vicii

OK, so I had planned on digging in the garden today – and it is such a beautiful day – however then I remembered that I had today booked in as a leisurely day for me!  Why? Well my son is on a school trip; he left yesterday morning and will be back tomorrow night.  This is the first day in a long time when I have had the house to myself and haven’t needed to drop him off at school in the morning and then pick him up again – which really breaks my day in half.  Therefore I planned to have an uninterrupted day where I can just sit and watch the TV or some films and get some serious knitting done… baby permitting.

Fortunately baby Izzy have been perfectly well behaved, I have managed to get two loads of washing done and out on the line (or airer as the line got full up quite quickly) and tidied the house up so I haven’t been completely lazy.

Now however I am making the most of the afternoon and am currently (bar this blog) sat with a nice cup of tea desperately trying to finish off a fitted tank top that I started a while ago.  I’m practically finished now, I just need to knit up the rib on the neck and the armholes.

Fitted Tank Top (WIP)

Hopefully I will receive my package of wool and pattern for my Noni bag this week, hence my determination to finish this tank top soon.  I hope to complete the neck today at the very least then maybe I can work on the armholes over the next few days.  It’s my OH’s birthday on Friday and so I hope to bake a cake to surprise him with, so I can’t do too much knitting otherwise I will never bake the cake…. anyway, time to get back to my leisurely afternoon (I think I might even have a glass of wine soon!)

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